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The English language is constantly evolving, both the words we use and the rules that control the usage of those words.  Therefore, it is impossible to ever have a definitive grammar guide, or, if you will, a Complete Guide of American English.  And that’s our excuse.



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December 14, 2018 

albedo:  (noun)  the light reflected off a surface, usually that of a planet or moon, measured on a scale of zero to one, zero being completely non-reflective (such as black), and one being completely reflective (such as a mirror).  Sir, we're going to have to ask you to put on your hat.  The albedo off of your head is disturbing the other fans.


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Friday, August 28, 2015


“Focus” in writing deals with who you are addressing.  It is who you are specifically talking to.  In particular, it deals with the pronouns that you use.  Are you addressing people in general, or specific individuals or groups, or are you just writing about yourself?  Focus is important.  If he jumps around with your focus, we can be rather confusing, and if oneself is taken literally (which is the usual case with formal writing), they can be really confusing.  Now wouldn’t that last sentence have been a whole lot more clear if my focus were consistent?  More...

2:56 pm pdt 

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