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The English language is constantly evolving, both the words we use and the rules that control the usage of those words.  Therefore, it is impossible to ever have a definitive grammar guide, or, if you will, a Complete Guide of American English.  And that’s our excuse.



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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I’m Not Going to Lie

 And we’re relieved.  I’m sure that’s all you’ll need to tell the jury.  Here’s the thing:  If you need to tell us when you’re not lying, then the only conclusion we can make when you don’t tell us you’re not lying is that you are lying.  So, in essence, when you tell somebody that you’re “not going to lie,” then you admit you are a liar.  And if we know you are a liar (by your own admittance), do you think we’re going to believe you when you say you’re not lying?  Fat chance of that.  And invoking the name of God (any god, you choose) to show your honesty (such as, “I swear to God!  I’m not lying!”) only makes you sound like you’re lying that much more.

This whole honesty thing also includes phrases like “to be honest,” or even its cousin “to tell the truth.”  I’m not going to lie; if you have to tell me you’re being honest for me to believe you, then you might as well not even try.  And that’s the truth. 

8:32 am pst 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Never Before

If you’ve never done something “before,” then you’ve never done it.  Period.  “Never” pretty much covers it all, making the whole thing redundant.

8:40 am pst 

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