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Usage is how the language is used.  It’s not only spelling a word correctly, but using the correct word.  It’s knowing that “less” doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing as “fewer,” and that "defiantly" is definitely not the same as "definitely" (regardless of what Spell Check has been telling you).  But here's the thing:  Every time language is used, it changes the way it is used, if only by just a tiny bit.  "A lot," for instance, will probably eventually be spelled as one word:  alot.  However, it will probably never be "allot."  That word is already taken.  The following topics do not cover every instance of usage, only those that annoy us the most here at the Press.  Besides, if they did cover every instance, we'd have to change the website name, and that would involve work, which everybody here tries to avoid as much as possible.