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Technical Consultant and Academic Advisor


Dr. Tupidsay received his PhD in Applied Informational Acquisition from the University of Senegal in 1991, where he remained as a lecturer and a research fellow for the next six years.  During that time he published regularly, foremost of which was the critically acclaimed The Development of the Spork:  A Dream Come True.  In 1997 he accepted a seat at the University of Tuvalu as a visiting lecturer.  Under the impression that Dr. Tupidsay was somebody others would care about, he was almost immediately kidnapped by the terrorist cell Die Putz Scum, a group of radicals seeking the independence of Funafuti.  Having that impression clarified, the terrorists subsequently released Dr. Tupidsay.  Dr. Tupidsay went on to write about the experience in his exposee, Those Knives are Sharp.  Currently Dr. Tupidsay is on sabatical from the University of Milan while he finishes his latest novel, Title.


The Holy Grail Press is honored to be associated with such a scholar and a gentleman as Dr. Tupidsay.