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Regional Editor and Contributor

In 1982, a young man claiming to be Michael Soetaert showed up at the offices of the Holy Grail Press.  Why he first felt the need to go there, he has never said.  In fact, there is a whole lot he has never said.  Though he claimed to know his own name, everything else, according to Mr. Soetaert, was completely lost.  After a thorough and costly medical examination, it was determined that Mr. Soetaert was suffering from total amnesia, even though he claimed to know who he was.  As it happened, there were no unaccounted for Michael Soetaerts (and there are more than you might think).   Therefore, we really have no idea who this person is.  And since That Guy was already taken, we humour him and call him Michael Soetaert. 

As a public service, if you know of anybody who fits Mr. Soetaert’s description (an old, white guy) who may have gone missing 40 years ago, please come and get him.