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In 1978, disappointed by what he called “the widespread use of test scores as the universal determinant for collegiate admission,” Ivan Tupidsay founded the University of Milan.  According to Tupidsay, the name comes from the practice of holding classes outside on the grass during the early years.  “Besides," added Tupidsay, “it sounds better that the University of My Garage.”  Three years later, Tupidsay was awarded the University’s first doctorate in Obscure Studies.  In the years that followed, Tupidsay earned degrees in such diverse fields as Ancient Dravidian Retail Philosophy and Xenopaleontological Literature, as well as having published extensively.  His 43rd book to be released by the Holy Grail Press, I Know More Than You Do, is due out at Christmas. 

Currently, Dr. Tupidsay is Professor Emeritus of Everything at the University of Milan, as well as the Technical Consultant and Scientific Editor for the Holy Grail Press.