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These are Michael Soetaert's plays published by both Brooklyn and Heuer Publishing Companies.


2222:  The Zombie Apoclaypse

It’s the Zombie love story musical comedy.  Opening soon in a theatre near you... just as soon as we finish filming it, which is just as soon as we finish writing it, but that’s only if the Zombies don’t come to life for real.  And maybe they already have...  2222, a full-length comedy.

The Accountancy

Ahhh... the Accountancy!  There’s no finer profession.  It’s secure.  It’s safe.  And it’s predictable.  Just like life should be.  And that’s why everybody should be an accountant.  Even you.  Your necktie and pocket protector are waiting!  A full-length comedy.

Arlene’s Beauty World

Curlers, hairspray, and exploding fruitcake.  They can all be found at Arlene’s Beauty World.  And now it’s up to Detective Dirk Cannon to stop the Fruitcake Bomber before he gets blown up, too.  A full-length comedy. 

The Beeblebrox and Bixley Traveling Circus and Sideshow

The Circus has just one last chance to do the impossible – to put on a really good show, or they’ll be forced to close their flaps forever.  And then what would the beardless lady, the skinny man, or any of the other equally talented acts do?  A full-length comedy. 


It shouldn’t matter if your antenna go up or down, unless, of course, you’re the Princess of Frigistan and you’re in love with the Prince of Stovia, two countries on the brink of war separated by more than the treacherous Linoleum Plains.  A one act comedy.

Crazy Sevens

Elves and Easter Bunnies, Groundhogs and Cupids, Leprechauns and Tooth Fairies – they all have one thing in common... they really don’t like each other.  Now if only they can pretend that they do for just one night.  A one act comedy.


Somewhere beyond the pet store lies Happy Doggy Land, where there are no collars and the Kibbles grows on the trees.  To get there, all you have to do is follow the fire hydrants... but only if you can get out of the pet store.  A one act comedy.  

The Dearly UnDeparted

The séance actually worked...  Only it’s not Grampa who came back.  And he’s not going to tell Gramma it’s OK to sell the house.  And he has no intention of ever going back to wherever it is he came from.  But who can blame him?  A full-length comedy. 

The Faculty Meeting

One of the teachers has to go, but who’s it going to be?  The deaf music teacher?  The legally blind drivers’ education teacher?  Or any of the other equally talented professionals at Roosevelt High School?  We’ll find out at The Faculty Meeting, a comedy in one act. 

Fairly Told Tales

For years parents have sent their children  off to bed with tales from the Brothers Grimm and fables from Aesop.  No wonder so many kids wake up in the middle of the night screaming.  Seriously! What was wrong with those guys?  Witches eating children, parents selling their daughters, monsters, and worse!  Well, it’s about time that somebody set the record straight!  Fairly Told Tales A collection of eight short comedies. 

Five Minutes of Fame

Five minutes of fame ought to be enough... unless, of course, you were expecting more.  Unless you were expecting your full fifteen minutes.  And then, five minutes of fame is just not going to do.  Five Minutes of Fame, a ten minute comedy.


Was Elvis killed by disco?  Is there a secret Elvis Disco tape worth millions?  And which of the guests would be willing to destroy anything to find it?  Even kill for it?  The answers to these questions and more await at the Gracelandia hotel.  A full length comedy. 


Iselmatainia, where revolution has become the national pastime, and the only question is not “if,” but “when.”  Iselmatainia, where “fifteen minutes of fame” takes on a completely new meaning.  A comedy in one act.

The Meadow

Being a plant has its perks, what with living in the great outdoors.  But it has its downside, too, in that you can’t ever get away from the other annoying plants, and you especially can’t escape from the Killer Bees.  A one act comedy. 

Murder While You Wait

Can Edward find true love, save his cat from the undertakers, not marry the mobster’s daughter, and not get killed by the mobster, his hit men, or just about everybody else, all by 7:00 p.m. this Saturday night?  The chances are slim.  A full-length comedy.

The Punch Line

Each year for the past seventeen years, on this very night, the Hawthorne Hotel has been visited by four ghosts, ghosts who cannot rest until somebody comes up with the punch line to a joke that has yet to be written.  But tonight promises to be different, because tonight Inspector Chromium is determined to rid the hotel once and for all of these sporadic spooks, that is, if none of the other very strange guests doesn’t beat him to it first.  The Punch Line, a full length comedy. 

Swamp Castle

Free!  To anybody that wants it:  Swamp Castle.  Nose plugs not included.  A ten minute comedy. 


Wanted!  Talented students to perform in Talent-tastic!  It’s the Roosevelt High School’s annual talent show!  Please, people!  Let’s take this seriously!  No knives, open flames, live animals, tap-dancing, or anything that explodes.  And no fighting!  A comedy in one act. 

That’s Mister Vampire to You 

OK.  So Mr. Miller died, but that was an accident.  And we did bring him back to life.  Only he came back as a vampire.  So we had to kill him again... and again.  But that doesn’t mean I should fail my science project.  A one act comedy.

WIDK: Channel 15

It's the WIDK, Channel 15, Spring Edition of their annual Fall Fund Raiser, which was postponed, due to lack of funds.  So we’re having it now.   And have we got a great line-up for you tonight!  We like to call this our “Greatest Hits” show, where we give you a taste of our very best, just to show you what you’re missing if you’re not a regular Channel 15 viewer.  WIDK, a full length comedy.


And Coming Soon! 

Hanging up the Cape

The villains used to not be that fast.  These buildings used to not be so far apart.  And if that rope comes loose – and there's really no reason why it doesn't – but if it does, you're going to fall.  And that pavement is really going to hurt.  You could break a hip.  Maybe... just maybe... it's time to be Hanging Up the Cape.  Even Superheroes need to know when to retire.  Hanging Up the Cape, a ten minute duet.


The Republic of Almost Perfect

It is the Cube, the most diabolical weapon ever conceived, capable of killing everyone on the entire planet, one at a time, or all together, without ever having to leave the comfort of your home.  And it has just been handed to the Republic of Almost Perfect, the most peaceful country on the earth.  Almost.  The Republic of Almost Perfect, a one act comedy.