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A Disc Golf Guide to the Pacific Northwest



Originally Michael Soetaert had planned on playing every disc golf course in the Pacific Northwest and then writing a review for each of those courses, which was fine with us, because it got him out of the office.  Unfortunately, he kept coming back.  So we decided to open a regional office in Portland and send Soetaert there, where he can still play all the disc golf he wants, but he'll come in and bother us far less often.

Soetaert still intends to review new courses when he plays them, and update old courses when he plays them again.  The reviews may include local history and trivia, as well as directions on finding the courses, and any other information that may be relevant, such as parks that don't exist anymore or those that can only be played in the summer (and there are a few), or which courses you needn’t bother to play since Soetaert already did, and you can take his word for it; it’s not worth the drive.  But he's willing to make the drive, and we're willing to let him.  


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