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Why I Hate My Job:  The Interviews

From March 23rd, 2008, until June 2nd of that same year, a microphone and a recording device were set up in the Crossroads Shopping Mall in the town of Crossgrove, Illinois, as part of a research grant written by Mandrake Chapman, HGP's Professional Grant Writer and Contributing Editor.   Crossgrove is a small, lightly industrialized town in south central Illinois.  Their motto:  “You’re still four hours from Chicago.”  Anybody who chose was given two minutes to explain what it was that they hated about their jobs.  Instructions asked that each person only go once, and that they refrain from using actual names or excessive cursing.  The following transcripts of selected interviews have been edited only to remove specific names, some cursing, and to improve the general flow.  For complete transcripts of all interviews, please send $49.95 (for postage and handling) to the Holy Grail Press in care of the Internet.