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The Lunatic Monologues are the latest compilation from Duckworth Hollingsway, HGP’s Medical Editor and sometimes contributor.

Says Duckworth, “You're on a bus, or you’re waiting on your plane, or on a long, slow elevator... it doesn't matter.  Because there's this guy standing next to you... and for no reason at all he starts to talk to you.  And the more he says, the more you realize that this guy is crazy.  Not just a little bit crazy.  But you're going to be lucky to get off this elevator alive kinda crazy.  Because you don’t have control of the buttons.  I’ll bet you’ll think about that next time.  But that’s assuming quite a lot.  But, yeah, that’s basically a ‘Lunatic Monologue.’”

Where Duckworth is compiling his "Lunatic Monologues" from is open for debate.