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Religion and Science Editor

The Reverend Bob Bidwell left his hometown of Phosell, Mississippi, to become a chaplain in the United States Navy.  Upon his discharge, he returned to Phosell to learn, quite unexpectedly, that his father had left him a rather remarkable sum of money when he died.  Bidwell, determined to spread the word, invested the lion’s share of his inheritance into KMEN, a 100,000 watt radio station with an all-Bidwell format.  Bidwell’s diversified investment portfolio allowed him to run the station at a loss, but that all ended when his accountant left for Costa Rica, along with the majority of Bidwell’s capital.  Within three months Bidwell was completely bankrupt, left with nothing but the measly land he had been raised on, which he had so desperately tried to escape by joining the Navy to begin with.

Bidwell then entered into a period of what can best be described as mental debilitation.  He went missing for several weeks, during which time he was implicated in the hi-jacking of a church bus, attacking a pimp, and getting into a gunfight in a hotel room with a detective who had reportedly been hired by God to keep Bidwell from killing God.  Said Bidwell, “Why!  That’s ridiculous.  I mean, how could anybody hope to ever kill God?  Why, I’d just like to know how they would intend to do it.”

The Reverend Bidwell has taken a temporary position here at HGP.  Says Bidwell, “The Lord will show me the way.  It is He, by His almighty powers, that will show me a sign how I might best serve the Lord my God.  And when that day comes, I will have no choice but to go.”  Bidwell has been with the Holy Grail Press since 1982.