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Contributing Editor and Botanical Advisor


Giovanni Pizza began his career as a childhood star who was part of the critically non-acclaimed Papa Pizza Family.  



After the series ended in 1973, Giovanni made numerous appearances in various shows, and even had a small  but regular role in the popular series “The Dukes of Hazzard.”   



However, Giovanni was never able to regain his former notoriety.  When the 1991 “Christmas Special Reunion with the Pizza Family” failed to rejuvenate his acting career, Giovanni decided to attend college. 



In 1997 Giovanni received a degree in 17th Century British Literature from the University of Milan.  Says Giovanni, “It was only until after I graduated that I realized just how bloody dull it all really was.  Dull.  Dull.  Dull.  I mean, you show me somebody who reads Milton for fun, and I’ll show you somebody who throws lousy parties.”  



Shortly thereafter, Giovanni decided to devote his life to the study of horticulture.

Mr. Pizza came to HGP in 1999.  As it turned out, Mandrake knew this guy who knew Giovanni, and, well, Giovanni dropped by one night on business, and, ummm… in the course of the conversation, it was discovered that, should he be offered a position, Giovanni would be the only member on staff who had a degree in anything remotely associated with the English language, and he would be one of the few staff members who had any sort of degree at all.  Giovanni was offered the job, and he’s been here ever since.  Literally.  He moved in.  It’s not too bad.  He cleans up after himself, and he keeps the plants watered.