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Journalism Consultant and History Editor

In 1974, during her senior year in high school, Ms. Joblonski received national recognition as the Most Proficient High School Journalist in the South Central United States, Northwest Region.  She graduated with honors from the University of Missouri-Columbia with a degree in Journalism in 1978.  Her first paying job was with the Crane Chronicle where, in her first year, she won a regional award for journalistic excellence with her article entitled “Termite Infestation in Mobile Homes and Portable Buildings.”  Shortly thereafter she moved up to the much more influential Springfield News-Leader.  Four years later, having made her way to the New York Times, Ms. Joblonski was nominated for the Edward R. Murrow Award for her series on tenement flea infestation.  Two years after joining the New York Times, Mary Ann Joblonski accepted a position with The American Inquirer, from which she retired… twenty seven years later.  Ms. Joblonski has re-entered the publishing world, mostly as a condition of her court ordered anger management classes and part of a restraining order which requires that she remain at least 2,000 miles from New York City.  Ms. Joblonski is currently working on an exposé of bedbug infestation in regional budget motels.

Ms. Joblonski's most noteable contributions to HGP are her ongoing histories of the United States' Presidents and various Holidays.