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Warning!  This course was pretty rough when I played it, and apparently it's gone donw hill from there.  It is listed as pretty much unplayable at the Disc Golf Course Review website. 


Played on May 20, 2014  (Nine Holes)

Four nine hole disc golf courses in the 35 miles between Castle Rock and Ridgefield.  All are fairly close to the freeway (some more so than others).  And all in one day. 

Stop One on the I-5 Four.  Pekin Ferry used to be a regularly used ferry across the Lewis River, in those days before bridges and Interstates.  The property has always been private land, owned by the Robinson family.  Only now, what with the demand for rope drawn ferries such as it is, they operate a private campground and boat launch.  And that means there’s a $5 charge to play there.  (Pekin Ferry)

Just to see the little salmon-ettes jumping in the river, and the osprey diving for them, was well worth the five bucks. And that’s a lucky thing.  The course was pretty ghetto, which, I realize, is probably insensitive to ghettos.  Honestly, I’m not sure what holes I actually played, and which holes I didn’t.  They did have a map, but it was relative to very little, and none of the tee-pads or baskets were marked.

There were a couple of nice holes over water, but overall it’s a one disc course, very short, and what holes I found were not much of a challenge.  All told, I’d go back, but only if you’d drive and pay the entrance fees.

Directions:  If you want to go, and you’ve got five bucks, from our offices here at the Space Needle take I-5 South and get off at exit 16, about 150 miles.  When you get off the freeway, head west on, of all things, Pekin Ferry Road.  Just follow the signs to the boat launch, and in a little less than 2 ½ miles, you’ll be there.  Expect the road to bend around a bit.  Just before you drive into the river, the disc golf course will be on your left.

From Pekin Ferry, I crossed over I-5 and went to Paradise Point State Park.