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Played on February 18, 2012.  9 holes.

About 20 miles east of Portland on 84.

Rooster Rock is named after the large “dark basalt column” that sits on the west end of the park.  It you look at it from just the right angle, and if you’re on a sufficient amount of hallucinogenic drugs, it still doesn’t look anything like a rooster.

Rooster Rock is great place to get back to nature, especially since it features one of the two “clothing optional” (a.k.a. nude) beaches in Oregon.  The beach, which is on the Columbia river, is not visible from anywhere I was, but I don’t imagine too many people would’ve been frolicking in February.  There’s also a clothing-required beach for those who are a bit more discerning.

The disc golf course on the East end of the park winds up through the hillside, with change of elevation on a lot of holes, which means you will be throwing up the hills and then back down, but it mostly seemed like up.  Several shots were what are often referred to as “technical,” which means you’re probably going to hit a lot of trees and have to scale down the hillside to find your disc.  It was a good mix of long and short, and really not that bad of a course.  It is definitely the better of the two courses at Rooster Rock, though not as picturesque as the West Course.

Be advised that there is a five (not three) dollar fee to enter the park, but the East and West courses are in the same park, and as far as I know, it’s a day pass for any of the parks, including Dabney.



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