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Played on February 18, 2012.  9 holes.

This is definitely the more scenic of the two parks.  Rooster Rock itself sits across a spit of water on the west end of the park.  To the north is the Columbia River that divides Washington and Oregon, and to the south are some pretty impressive hills that make up the Columbia River Gorge. 

The Gorge is dotted with some even more impressive waterfalls, such as Multnomah Falls which is to the east.  Though various sources disagree on exactly how high the falls might be, it is safe to say that Multnomah Falls is well over 600 feet high (making it taller than the Space Needle), and that makes it the tallest waterfall in Oregon, and one of the tallest constantly flowing waterfalls in the United States.

You can’t see Multnomah Falls from Rooster Rock, but you can see the Vista House State Park across highway 84 to the south, as well as a small (relative to Multnomah) waterfall just to the east, though I’m not sure if it has a name other than “Hey, There’s Another Waterfall!”  Vista House, which sits on Crown Point, was built in 1916 at the same time the now Historic Highway 30 was built.  It was originally intended as a resting place for travelers, but now offers one of the most awe inspiring views of the Columbia River valley short of taking a helicopter.

And there’s a disc golf course.  It’s fairly flat with some trees, and a few holes where water comes into play, but the water’s easy to avoid, unless, of course, you really shank your shot, but that’s why I carry spare discs.  Really, if it weren’t for the scenery, it just wouldn’t be that impressive of a park at all.  But it would be worth returning to solely for the view… especially if you could figure out where the nude beach is.

From Rooster Rock, we headed to Dabney State Park in Troutdale, Oregon.