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Played on February 18, 2012.  18 holes.

About 15 miles east of Portland just south of 84.

Dabney is billed as a favourite destination for picnickers and hikers and even features a popular “swimming hole.”   And there is an 18 hole disc golf course.

My son-in-law, Russell, really likes this park.  In all fairness, I really should play it again before I pass judgment, but I just was not that impressed.  For starters, it was a muddy mess, and even so, it was really crowded, so much so that it took us an incredibly long time to slog our way through the course.  And “slog” just about sums it up.

Many of the holes played up and down hills that also doubled as the proverbial “slippery slopes.”  It is very tiring to constantly think that your next step will find you face down in the muck.  And by “many,” I mean that a lot of the holes were basically the same shot.  It seemed like half the course played across a ridge that dropped sharply to the left.  And I mean sharply.  Oh, you could get down there.  It was just getting back up that was the challenge.  And then the other half of the course played down a long “alleyway” where we were always in danger of hitting other players, and constantly being on the lookout so that other players didn’t hit us. 

And then there were those shots that threw from one side of a valley to the other, with nothing in-between but brambles, mud, and water.  Even if you cleared the valley, you still had to cross it.  I came to personally know a lot of those brambles, mud, and water well.  Ahh… a relaxing game of disc!  Truly, it got to where I didn’t even care what my score was.  I was just glad to finish another hole without hurting myself.

Like I said, I really should give this course another chance when it’s not quite so muddy (though it is Northern Oregon and rain is rather… common) and not quite so crowded (though it was really crowded on a rainy, muddy Saturday, so I could just imagine it on a clear, dry weekend).  Suffice it to say, I don’t hold much hope.

Like Rooster Rock, there is a five dollar daily fee to play here.  I suppose it’s cheap for an afternoon’s entertainment, but I would hate to end up in the emergency room for something I had to pay to do.



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