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A Duck’s Life

Wings mean freedom – you’re free to fly anywhere you want.  Then why in the world would you choose to fly someplace cold and nasty... when there’s Hawai'i?  After all, who’s going to care?  Who’s going to stop you... except everybody.  A full-length comedy.

The Eclipse Café 

It’s a case of mistaken identity, but why let on?  Especially when half the town loves you... until the other half of the town shows up.  Maybe Chatoba Falls wasn’t the best place to hide from the mob after all....  A full-length comedy.

The Hawgwaller School Board Agenda, Item Two

It’s always been  Roosevelt High School, but which Roosevelt?  Because, after all, it matters.  Is it Teddy, Franklin, Eleanor, or... Hiram.  And it’s up to the Hawgwaller School Board to decide.  A one act comedy.  

The Roadside Freakshow

Ahhh...  The Great American Road Trip!  The world’s largest hypodermic needle? Check!  Jet Boy?  Check!  Yaks that Yakitty Yak?  Check!  A flying saucer armed to the teeth just over the Oklahoma State Line?  Wait a minute... that one’s not on the list.   A full-length comedy. 

The Roosevelt High School Emily Dickinson Literary Appreciation Society

The Emily Dickinson Literary Appreciation Society is being asked to share their space for just one night... with the Spanish Club, the Chess Club, the French Society, the Alternative Music Club, and the Come Blessed Despair Gothic Society.  Now how hard can that be?  A comedy in one act.