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Played on December 11, 2014.  7 holes, maybe more.

I remember having seen Oregon City listed on the Disc Golf Directory at one time, but it’s not listed anymore.  And that’s probably a good thing.  It’s an awful course.  I’ve seen really good homemade baskets (such as at the Flying H Youth Ranch), and some really interesting homemade baskets (such as at Lucky Mud), but Oregon City’s baskets were neither. 


The baskets were marked, though, and, when you could find them, so were the tee pads, if one can call them that. 


But overall, the course just... sucked.  The shots (those I could figure out) weren’t challenging in the least.  I could’ve played the entire course with my putter.  Unfortunately, the baskets were so bad I couldn’t actually putt.  All told, it’s a very short course in a small, boring park, with no nearby parking.  And what’s the point of a park if you can’t park?

Directions:  I found this place when I was out exploring, and it’s a wonder I ever got back.  Should you ever feel the urge to play this course, save your time and money and spend them both on a good therapist.


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