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Played on February 27, 2015.  9 Holes, though they tried to make it less.

The website says this course is unplayable.  What pussies!  Just because water is completely covering the trail doesn’t mean you should close it down.  If the tee pad and basket are out of the water... you got a hole!  The first four holes are fairly dry, and the last three holes are... well, a bit sloppy, and you can play those holes without climbing around the barrier, but, seriously, who wants to walk that far?  There’s disc golf to be played!  And, yeah, you couldn’t walk down the path, but you could go cross-country with only getting slightly less than very muddy.

Overall, the best part of the course was the wildlife – the birds and beavers – and I would’ve missed most of that had I not been naughty and climbed over the barrier.  The holes are not very imaginative, and the entire course plays out in a straight line, so when you finish nine, you have to walk all the way back to one.  It’s a nice course to say you played... once.

Directions:  From Lunchtime DGC, go back to Vermont and take a left, then go about two miles.  Take a left on SW Oleson Road and go another two miles, then go right on SW Hall Blvd. for another mile or so.  Left on SW Creekside Plaza.  It’s a sneaky little road that looks more like the driveway to a clinic of some sort.  From Creekside Plaza, take the second right immediately after a white picket fence (just past Stratus St.) and drive to the back right corner. Walk straight ahead over the footbridge and along the path. Hole one is just ahead on the right.