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Played on March 5, 2015.  9 holes.

This is a pretty course in a very nice park, complete with its own nature trail.  But the course isn’t challenging in the least, except maybe trying not to overthrow every basket.  The longest hole is 270 feet, and most are right around 200, and most are fairly open shots in the middle of a field, except for seven.  Seven plays into the woods.  But even so, it was so short that even with a bad first throw you’re still putting on your second shot.  You might not make that putt, but you get the idea.  If I lived out here, I’d probably still go to Pier Park.  But Orchard Park not that far away, and the drive there is beautiful, especially on a sunny spring day.

Directions:  From HGP’s Regional Headquarters in Portland, cross the St. John’s Bridge, which is an experience all in itself.  When you get across, take a right at the “T” on 30 Bypass, or, as it is affectionately know as, NW Bridge Ave.  Shortly thereafter, take a left onto NW Germantown Road.  The loop on Old Germantown Road is just about as beautiful as the staying on Germantown, and you’ll eventually end up in the same place, so, you know, I’m just sayin’, you need to come back....  So anyway, if you were on Germantown Road and you got off on Old Germantown Road and now you’re back on Germantown Road, you’ll  curve around for a bit more than six miles and finally come to NW Cornelius Pass Road.  Take a left and go about three and a third miles.  Turn left on NW Amberwood Drive.  In about a half mile the park entrance will be on your right.