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Played on March 10, 2015.  12 holes.

Wortman Park was the last of four courses I played in one day, so by the time I got there, it probably would’ve taken a remarkable course to impress me.  And I was not impressed.  That’s not to say it’s a bad park.  But the whole park plays around a creek, and everything was just sloppy, as in squishy mud.  There were some good holes, though.  For a city park, trees came into play quite a bit, and the water came into play as well, and they even had some fairly long shots, which you don’t often find in city parks.  Because it is a city park, though, and a well used one at that, you have to be careful not to hit the strollers – both the people out strolling and the strollers many of them are pushing.  All told, it could’ve been worse, but that’s not saying much.

Directions:  From Wennerberg Park  in Carlton, go back up River St. and then right on Grant.  Continue on Grant to Highway 47 (Tualatin Valley Highway), which you will take south for the next 6 or so miles.  Then take a right on 99W (and, no, I have no idea what the “W” means, but it’s not West).  In about half a mile, go left on NE Lafayette Ave.  The park is across from the OSU extension.