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Last Played on February 2. 2016.  18 Holes.

There’s quite a bit of history associated with this park, mostly having to do with the French trappers who first settled here.  Ergo, the name.  It’s pronounced ““Shampoo-ey” – like your hair would be if you lathered it up and didn’t rinse it, thus confirming that the French can’t spell.

OK, so I only threw one hole on this course back in September of 2015.  Does that really count as having played the park?  I think not.  Because if I had played the entire park back then, I doubt if I would’ve bothered ever playing it again.

Champoeg (one of about eight million courses that is technically called Oak Grove Disc Golf Course) is not that bad of a golf course.  Really.  It’s just not that good.  It’s truly the same shot over and over again, with the entire course seemingly built on a swamp.  It’s a wet, muddy mess that throws back and forth through loosely spaced trees (so there really is no challenge to throw around them), with no change of elevation, and no real water hazards, other than the entire course.  In a word:  It’s boring, but in a slushy sort of way.

The first time I tried to play the course, nothing appeared to be marked, and the only map was posted on the course bulletin board.  Now there are tee markers (though they appear to be temporary), new tee pads (which are huge), and there is a box at the start where you can take a copy of the course map.  However, the course has been busy every time I’ve been there (though I don’t know why), so it’s really easy just to follow the group in front of you.

One final warning:  The course is part of a state park that requires a day use fee.  It’s $5 for the day, or $30 for the year.  I'm not sure what the fine is if you don't pay.  Let's not find out. 

 Directions:  From the Providence Hospital in Newberg, Oregon, go South on 99W.  Take a left on Springbrook Road.  Take a left on 219 (St. Paul Highway).  Shortly after crossing the Willamette River, take a left on Champoeg Road NE.  Turn left into the state park.   Bear to your right (not a real bear, just turn that way) and follow the road until you come to a “Y.”  Go left and follow the road to the far end of the parking area.  Look for the kiosk for the disc golf course.