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Played on February 2, 2016.  Nine holes (or less).

Like the Tualatin Community Center, the Willamette Christian Disc Golf Course is sponsored by a church.  Unlike the Tualatin Community Center, this course is horrible.  It’s truly a mystery course, even though it seems like the tee pads may be marked.  I say “seems” because I found some that were marked.  Heck, all of them may have been; it’s just finding those tee pads that is all but impossible.  And even if you find the tee pads, there may be no basket to throw to.  Or there may... who knows?  I never found the first basket, and there were several other baskets that appeared to be missing, too.  I mean, there’s only so many places they could be.  The thing is, there comes a point where I just don’t care even if I do find both the baskets and the tee pad.

What few holes I found tended to throw through the trees with very narrow fairways.  Some fairways were just the path itself.  Or not.  Hey, folks, here’s an idea:  Put up some signs!  Probably the worst hole of all was number nine.  I did find the tee pad, and I did find the basket, but the fairway was pretty much over a road.  Unless you could drive the pin (which was easily 400 feet away) you were either in the street or in the thorns.  I didn’t even bother to throw that one.  Unless you are on some sort of demented quest to play every disc golf course in Oregon, there’s no point in going here.

Directions:  Here’s the street address.  Ask Siri to give you directions if you are really intent on getting there:  3153 Brandywine Drive, West Linn, OR  97068

From there I went to Canby.