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Played on February 2, 2016. 12 holes.

North Eco Disc Golf Course is listed as still under construction at the Disc Golf Course Review website, but I couldn’t tell.  It looks finished to me.

If anybody needs an example of how to label a disc golf course (hint:  West Linn), this is the course to look at.  Even though you have to walk about half a mile in and out of the course, there are signs pointing the direction.  And when you get on the course, all tee pads are marked, all baskets are marked, and there are arrows pointing you to the next tee pad after every hole.  If you get lost on this course, you probably get lost in your own house.

This is a great course.  It is definitely one I will play again.  There is a wide variety of shots, some tight, some wide open.  Some left, some right.  There’s change in elevation, and even some water.  The majority of the shots are short, but don’t be deceived.  They’re not easy.  But then, they’re not ridiculously hard, either.  “Challenging” is a good adjective here.  The course starts off winding through the trees, then it comes out along side of the Willamette River, where it stays for several holes (there’s no danger of falling in, unless, of course, you really want to) before it opens onto a small field for some wide open shots, then back into the woods for the remainder of the course.  Even if you weren’t playing disc golf it would be a really nice walk.

Directions:  Here’s the street address.  Figure it out on your own.  1314 NE Territorial Road, Canby, OR  97013

From there I went to Molalla.