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English Language Consultant

HGP is honored to have the esteemed grammarian, Mrs. Vula Bimbaum, as a member of our editorial staff.  Mrs. Bimbaum taught English for 38 years at the Jimmy Carter Middle School (formerly, the Richard M. Nixon Junior High), and one year of high school Latin, as well as published the Weekly Grammarian from 1982-1987, a locally distributed newsletter in the greater Kansas City area.  Says Mrs. Bimbaum, “When it comes to bad grammar, there is never a scarcity of examples.  Never has been.  Now when you write this, make sure that you join 'Never has been' to the previous sentence.  Otherwise it will be a fragmented sentence.  Now, we couldn’t have that, could we?”  In addition to her publishing forte, which Mrs. Bimbaum insists should be pronounced “fort,” she is one of the founding members of the  Professional Structuralist Grammarians’ Association and a member of the Professional Organization of English Majors.