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Played on February 10, 2016.  18 holes.

Trojan Park is consistently rated high on various rating scales... which only adds to the myth that most people play disc golf as an excuse to get stoned.  Anybody who thinks this is a good park has to be high. 

First of all, it’s a total mystery park.  It’s hard to tell where the entire park actually is, much less the course.  If you’re lucky you’ll see a basket from the road.  Even so, it’s all but impossible to know where the course begins.  The baskets seem to be marked, but finding any given basket is pointless if you can’t find the tee pads, which are not marked.  Not at all.  Seriously, folks, get some spray paint.  Mark your damn tee boxes.  The challenge of a course should not include finding the tee boxes and the baskets.  It doesn’t matter how good a course is if you can’t find it.

After parking at the wrong end of the park and walking completely around the lake (backwards relative to the course... but how was I to know?) I did figure it out... maybe.  Of course, by that time, I was done with Trojan Park. 

What I learned was that when you enter the park, hole number one is immediately to the left of the entrance.  The rest of the park is across the road.  The course seems to wind around the lake (with the lake, more or less, on your left... at least, when you start).  Pretty much, hole number one seems to be the only hole where the water doesn’t directly come into play.  I imagine that in the summer the course will probably not be such a swampy mess, but when I played it, there were a lot of holes that I couldn’t even get to, not that I really want to.

Even if the course were relatively dry, this is a course designed to lose discs.  There are a lot of narrow fairways with the water constantly in play.  Most baskets are right on the shoreline, and more than one is on a peninsula, surrounded by water.  I’m not throwing that!  Comon!

Relatively speaking, Trojan park is not that far from Portland, but it’s not worth the drive to play it again.

Directions:  From Rainer Riverfront Park, go East on 30.  The park entrance will right  off Highway 30 in about 5 miles, but it’s really easy to miss (on par with the entire course).  Your best bet is to ask your phone for directions.  The street address is 71760 Columbia River Highway, Rainier, Oregon 97048. 

From there I went to Yakton Community Fellowship, which is about 15 miles away.