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Played on February 10, 2016.  9 holes.

The only things that made this course better than Trojan Park were that it was considerably shorter and dry.  Disc golf courses at churches are rather common in Oregon and Washington, and some are decent, such as the Tualatin Community Center.  But if Yakton is hoping to get people to come to their church based on the disc golf course alone... yeah.  Good luck with that.

The course plays around the church and various out buildings.  In fact, number one’s tee pad seems to be the front door of the church.  Several of the baskets were missing, and that’s probably a good thing.  It’s never a good idea to have a basket near glass windows, such as they do on both one and two.  And what few baskets they did have were old... really old.  Pretty much every basket (had I even been brave enough to throw at them) was next to something that I really didn’t want to hit, such as the out buildings, parked cars, and even the church itself.  At best, there are three holes that can be thrown on the entire course, and they’re not any good.

Seriously, folks.  Either take the time to make your course decent, or stop telling people you have a course.

Directions:  Why you would want to go there is beyond me.  However...  from Trojan Park, continue on Highway 30 East (even though you’ll be going south).  In about 12 miles, take a right on Pittsburg.  In about 3 miles, look for the Church.  If you miss it, take it as a sign from God and keep going.  The street address is  33579 Pittsburg Rd., St Helens, OR 97051

From there I went to McCormick, which is less than five miles away.