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Played on February 10, 2016.  18 holes.

This course may not be as good as it seemed, but after playing Trojan Park and Yakton, anything would seem great.  But I did like this course. 

The course has a lot of interesting and different shots.  Water comes into play on several holes, but not nearly all of them, and it’s fairly easy to keep your disc dry.  There are several tight shots through the woods, and some shots that are more wide open.  Some shots are long, some are short.  Best of all, the course is incredibly well marked.  There are arrow makers up in the trees pointing to the next hole.  The pads are well marked, and the holes are well marked.

The biggest challenges were on the back of the course, where some of the shots got really long and I couldn’t see the basket from the tee pad.  And the course was a bit soggy in places – par for Oregon in the winter.  As well, be prepared to walk... a lot.  There can be quite a bit of distance from the hole you just played and the next one.  But I will play this course again.

Be warned:  The entire course plays across Milton Creek, which is very pretty, but too wide to jump across and too deep (and swift) to wade.  The first tee throws across the creek, and then you cross the bridge, which is right there by the road, to get to the basket.  And that’s the only bridge.  So when you finish playing, you will have to walk back to number one and cross the creek there again.  They have a new bridge sitting in the parking lot, but nobody’s been able to figure out just where it should go, and how they’ll get it there once they know.

Directions:  From Yakton, go back the way you came on Pittsburg.  In about 2½ miles, turn right on Sunset, then left on Columbia, and right on 18th.  When you get to Old Portland Road, turn around and come back.  It’s the first entrance on your left after Old Portland Road (or the last one on your right before you get to Old Portland Road).  The street address is 475 S. 18th, St. Helens, OR  97051

Once you’re in the park, follow the park road, keeping left, then park at the right end of the parking lot. Walk past the bathrooms, through the campsites, keeping right toward the bridge.  Once you’re on the path, you’ll see yellow arrows up in the trees pointing toward the first hole.  Hole One is at the northwest corner of the bridge.