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First played on February 26, 2016.  18 holes.

Keizer is a suburb of Salem, and was my first stop of playing all the courses in Salem in one day.  I should’ve stopped there, because it wasn’t going to get any better.  And that’s not because all the other courses I played were that bad.  Several of them... OK... one of them was good , but Keizer Rapids was just that much better.

The course started in fairly thick woods, and then opened up, with water definitely coming into play.  My favourite disc is at the bottom of one of the small lakes I thought I had cleared.  However, I didn’t see any rapids, though at any given time there’s a lot of this course that could be underwater.

There is a good mix of shots:  long, short, and in-between; left, right, and straight; change of elevation; wooded and open; dry and wet.  But mostly there are just a whole lot of really nice shots.  The course is well marked, but more importantly, it plays logically.  When you finish 18, you’re back to where you started.  And that’s nice.  Nobody wants to hike to get back to the parking lot.

Keizer is around 50 miles south of Portland, but it would be worth the trip to play this course again.

Street Address:  2010 Chemawa Road N., Keizer, OR 97303

From there I went on to Woodmansee Park, in Salem.

One warning:  If you ask Seri for the directions, the street name is pronounced Kem-a-wah.  Anything else, and she won’t have a clue.