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First played on February 26, 2016.  9 holes.

The biggest challenge to this park was that it’s been moved.  Seriously, if you go to Disc Golf Review, the information there is not correct.  Even the picture is wrong.  The course is still on the campus, but they just moved it down the road about a half mile.  I never played the original course, but I can’t imagine this is much of an improvement.  And if it is... wow.

The course does have some nice holes, but they are all canceled out by the stupid ones.  The first hole, for instance, throws over a parking lot.  Like that’s a good idea.  And hole number eight is right next to the soccer field.  Granted, they close that hole during games, but it’s still a stupid shot.  To the left, across a deep, water-filled trench, are the soccer fields.  To the right are trees.  And straight down the fairway is the scorekeeper’s hut.  And the entire shot is on the side of a hill.

All told, the course is tedious.  It plays up and down steep hills.  And if you’re not on a hill, you’re in muck.  There are no tee pads to speak of.  And it’s not that well marked.  This course is not going to inspire anybody to attend college there.

Street Address:  Warrior Dr, Salem, OR 97317

OK.  That’s not much of a street address, but it’s not much of a course.  If you find Corban University, you’ve found Deer Park Drive.  Instead of turning into the University (as it says you should on the Disc Golf Review site) keep going straight past Warrior Drive.  Very shortly, you will see some townhouses on the right.  The course starts in the gravel parking lot right before the townhouses.

From there I went to Cascades Gateway Park, which is about 5 miles.