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First played on February 26, 2016.  18 holes.

Cascades Gateway Park is peacefully nestled between I-5 and the airport.  The two biggest challenges with this course were finding the first tee pad, and then realizing that the course was never going to get any better.  The course was feebly marked.  The baskets generally were, but the pads were not.  And because it played so tight, there were often several baskets to choose from, so I spent the entire time not being for certain whether I was throwing to the right basket until I got there.  The good news is I only went the wrong direction once.  And that’s about the best I can say about the entire course.

All but two holes on the entire course play across a flat, open field.  One of those other holes is where you throw from one open field, across a tree lined creek, to another open field.  And the other is where you throw around a building that happens to be sitting... in an open field.  That, though, doesn’t take in the challenge of not getting hit by other discs.  As I said, the fairways are a bit... tight.

Playing this course counts towards time served in Purgatory.  The thing is, this course actually gets decent marks on the Disc Golf Review site.  So that means there are people who actually like it.  I suppose it all comes down to not having anything better.  Seriously.  Those of you who like this course need to get out more.  Go up to Keizer Rapids, it’s not that far.  Even Woodmansee is a better choice.

Street Address:  2142 Turner Rd SE, Salem, OR 97302

From there I went to Oregon State Hospital, which is about 2.5 miles, unless you get lost.