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First played on February 26, 2016.  9 holes.

This course plays on the grounds of what originally began in 1883 as the Oregon State Insane Asylum, which explains a lot.  This really is a cool place, with lots of very interesting architecture and sweeping grounds.  It’s where the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest was filmed.  The book was written by fellow Oregonian Ken Kessey, who, reportedly, has never seen the movie.  The site is still used as the main state-run psychiatric hospital in Oregon. 

Hopefully they’re not using the disc golf course for therapy.  It’s awful.  For starters, there is only one real basket, and it looks as if it’s just for putting.  That I don’t know what they use the only basket with chains for should say a lot.  Everything else is tubular targets on poles set up across a nicely shaded park.  The thing is, there are no tee pads at all.  I couldn’t even tell where the grass was worn down from tee-ing off.  I doubt if that many people bother playing here.  So I just threw from one “pin” to the next, though I find it hard to believe they really wanted me to throw through the tennis course. 

I don’t know where this course begins, and I don’t care where it ends.  My car was closer than the seventh pin, so I went home.

Street Address:  Bittern St. NE, Salem, OR 97301

The course starts somewhere near the roundabout (of sorts) located at the west end of the Oregon State hospital campus.  Save yourself time.  Don’t play the course.  Just check yourself in.