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Played on March 9, 2016.  9 holes.

Like Rockwood Central, this is a course that the Disc Golf Review says is in Gresham, but the street address is for Portland.  Go figure.  Unlike Rockwood Central, though, this park comes close to being good.  Even though it is a small park sandwiched between a church and a quarry (which sounds like the set up for a really bad joke), it still has a fair variety of shots.  There are wide open shots, and tight, wooded shots.  It would be hard to shank a disc over the fence into the quarry, but if you do… let it go.  If I lived near this course, I’d play it now and again, but if I had to drive to get here, I mean… as long as you’re in the car, there are a lot more course to choose from.

Location:  It has no street address, but the church that it’s next to does:  1440 SE 182nd Ave, Portland, OR, 97233.