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Played March 31, 2016.  18 holes. 

The Dalles (which rhymes with "pals") boosts that it is the end of the overland part of the Oregon Trail.  From here on the river became navigable... well, for those who wanted to survive the trip.  The city gets its name from the French (darn them).  "Dalle" is French for "large tile."  Apparently, tiles were used to line gutters in France, and the name became associated with gutters.  The Columbia River at one time had a "long gutter-like formation of rapids known as the 'grande dalles.'"  Imagine the entire volume of the Columbia River (imagine a lot) being funneled through a 150 foot wide, 150 foot deep chute that ran for two miles.   Above that, there were the "petite" dalles, as well as Celilo Falls, all of which was lost when The Dalles Dam became operational in 1957.  And, yes, "The" is part of the name.  (Historic The Dalles Oregon)

In the hills above The Dalles, looking down on the Columbia River Valley, is the Tree Top Disc Golf Course, which is part of Sorosis park, which is pronounced the same as the liver disease.  Me?  I would've come up with a better name.  But who can account for taste?

This is a really nice course.  Mind you, that's still a few notches short of great, but nice nonetheless.  There was some change in elevation, but other than that, the entire course was basically the same shot – through trees in a well-groomed city park.  What did change was the view.  Mount Adams can be seen from one end of the course, Mount Hood from the other, and vineyards are in-between.  There is a scenic lookout right across the street from the park.

This was probably one of the best marked courses I have ever been on.  And that's a good thing, because there was quite a bit of backtracking, which is never great.  As well, it's in a well-used city park.  Early in the morning on a weekday it was busy.  On the weekend, it would be downright dangerous.  And though it wasn't windy on the day I was there, that's an exception.  As well, if you go there in the summer, you're going to bake.    Regardless, it's a beautiful park.

Address:  Sorosis Park Trail, The Dalles, OR, 97058

From there I went to Lost Barrel, which is in Lyle, Washington.