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Played March 31, 2016.  9 holes

This park had some nice holes, using trees, rock outcroppings, change of elevation, and even a smattering of water to create plenty of obstacles.  The only thing it lacked was length.  Most holes were well under 200 feet.  It might be a challenge to birdie all nine holes, but par was not a challenge in the least.  You could easily play this course with one disc, your putter.

The tee pads had markers, but where those tee pads were was not always obvious, especially with number four.  Of course, even if you get totally lost, you're never too far away from the rest of the course.  The entire course would be lucky to fit on five acres, and that's not very big.

The day I was there the wind was calm, but I'm told that is an exception.  Full Sail Brewery is in Hood River, and they are named after the very popular sport of wind surfing, which they do on the Columbia River, which runs right by the town.

Address:  3468 State Frontage Road, Hood River, OR  97031