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Played on June 23, 2016.  9 holes.

Intel has a massive presence in Hillsboro, Oregon.  They have several "campuses" that stretch over many a mile.  Heck, they even pretty much have their own airport.  On their Jones Farm campus, for the benefit solely of their employees... and no one else... they have put in a nine hole disc golf course. 

The course is well manicured.  The baskets are all top quality.  They have really nice signs, and even though the tee pads are just dirt, they really don't need more than that.  It's just not that far between baskets (nothing over 200 feet, most shorter).  The whole course looks great.  But you can't play it.

The first time I tried to play the course, I was a good boy.  I went inside and found somebody who could ask somebody if it would be alright if I played.  The answer was, "No."  So this time I just played it.  I mean, it's not like I had to scale razor wire or fight off the dobermen. 

So here's my question:  What's the point of advertising your course on the Internet if you're not going to let anybody play it?

OK, seriously.  The course isn't that good.  The course lies on a mounded strip of land maybe 100 feet wide, maybe ten feet higher than everything else at its summit, that lies between the street and the parking – neither of which you want your disc to find.  Throw in the well spaced, tasteful trees and shrubs, and every shot is pretty much the same.  I played maybe four of the nine holes.  Part of it was quit while you're ahead.  But, really, there was no point.

Directions:  Should you ever feel the urge to play a really boring course that the owners don't want you to play, it's out in Hillsboro.  Act casual.