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Played April 7, 2016.  9 holes.

This is a short, nine hole disc golf course in a state park that can only be accessed from the east bound lane of I-84.  That, alone, will keep most players from ever playing here twice.  And because it is a state park, that means you have to pay to play.  This little guy is doomed.  Nobody is much going to care if the park is well maintained... and it shows.

When I played it, there was a tree that had fallen on basket number two.  And these are old baskets.  They can't take that kind of abuse.  The tee pads are just dirt with boards marking the ends, and none of the tee pads is marked at all.  Luckily, the baskets are marked, but it still made playing the course a challenge.  And then there was the wind.  Ever try putting into a steady gale of 25 mph or more?  Yeah... it adds a few strokes to your game.

If this course were well maintained, it would probably be pretty fun.  But then, if it were well maintained, that would mean more people would be there, which would make throwing around picnic tables more of an issue.  Truly, if this course were well maintained, it would probably mean that it was somewhere else.  So my recommendation:  Just go somewhere else.

One redeeming value:  The scenery was quite nice.  You can see Wahkeena Falls quite easily from the course.  But then, you don't have to play the course to see the falls.

Directions:  From Portland, take I-84 east – about 30 miles.  Exit 30 for Benson State Park.  Don't miss it.  The first tee pad (such as it may be) is on your left, just past the pay station.