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Played April 7, 2016.  18 holes.

This would probably be a really fun park if it weren't so darned windy.  It was so windy that there were a few times where the wind came close to blowing my disc out of my hand as I was getting ready to throw.  And those throws... yeah.  They were an adventure.  Putting was all but impossible.  And here's the thing:  This is the Columbia River Gorge.  Not being windy is the exception. 

The course can be divided into the "upper" half and the "lower" half.  The upper half is pretty wide open, making the wind even more of a factor.  As well, it wouldn't take much rain to make this part of the course really soggy – so much so that several of the tee pads are "elevated" to keep them dry.  And in the summer, I imagine it's baked, especially out in the open.

The lower half winds down through trees, making accuracy important.  Yeah.  Try being accurate in the wind.  Even though the course is fairly well marked, it got confusing in the woods.  I still haven't a clue where the number eight tee pad was. 

The more I played this course, the less I cared.  When I got to 18, it was closer to my car than it would've been from the pin had I thrown it.  The decision was easy. 

Address:  199 Cramblett Way, Cascades Locks, OR  97014.  That's about 40 miles east of Portland.  And let's face it:  If you're willing to drive that far to play disc golf, there are better courses much closer.