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Played on April 7, 2016.  9 holes.

As the name might imply, this is a private course that exists mostly to give the kids something else to do while at camp.  And there is plenty to do at this camp.  They have a full sized swimming pool, archery range, zip line, and much more.  This is a nice camp.  The disc golf course... well... it's a bit of a challenge.  When I played it, it was a bit rough. 

For a private course, though, they've done it right.  All the tee pads are concrete... and marked.  And the baskets are all regulation baskets (though a bit old).  As well, the course is fairly intuitive, winding around in a big circle, though number eight was a bit of a challenge to find, even with their map. 

Overall, this is a short course with all but one of the holes (number one) in the woods.  Many of the holes have tight dog legs, so where you lay up is important, and if you miss that spot, you're screwed.  Knowing where those spots are is key.  But unless you're a camper there, or you're on staff, how many times are you going to play this course?  Playing it even once can be a challenge.  First, it's in the middle of nowhere.  After all, what would be the fun of a youth camp in the middle of the city?  Then you have to call for permission (305-695-2948), then it has to be on a day when camp is not in session, and then you have to check in with the office so they can copy your ID.  The one redeeming value about this whole process is that the folks there are very nice.

Address:  38046 SE Gordon Creek Road, Corbett, OR, 97019