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Played on June 2, 2016.  21 Holes.

Timber is not a bad park... it's just not that great.  If I wanted to play a good park, I don't have to leave town to do it.  Pier Park is less that three miles away.  And if I wanted to take a road trip to Estacada, then I'm going to Milo McIver.  Still, if Timber Park were all I had, I wouldn't complain... much.

The course has a variety of shots, with trees being the most common hazard, but they're fairly easy to miss.  None of the shots is terribly long, but they do a fairly good job of mixing distance and direction, between left, right, and straight-on approaches.  The course, overall, is fairly flat, but there is some elevation that plays.  Being as close as it is to water, I was hoping the Clackamas River came into play... or at least I could see it.  But, no.  It would be really hard to lose a disc at Timber, because most of the brush has been cleared out from underneath the trees, so I guess that's a plus.

The park is fairly intuitive, and it's reasonably well marked.  The pads are all labeled (there are numbers painted on them), and the baskets are all marked.  However, there are no tee signs, so it can be a bit confusing just where some of the baskets are, and the distances aren't posted.  As well, it can be a bit confusing where the next tee pad is.  My advice is to take a picture of the course map at the starting kiosk and use that when you get confused.

So... yeah.  Timber Park is not great, but it's not that bad.

Directions:  From Portland, go west on 26, and then south on 211 to Estacada.  When you come into Estacada, be looking for Rivermill Road.  After you pass that road – and not too far past it – you will see the park entrance on your right – look for the sign.  Once you're in the park, head for the boat ramp.   The parking lot for the boat ramp is right by the first tee.