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Played on June 2, 2016.  18 holes.

Grizzly Acres is a private course, so how critical can I be?  After all, the guy did carve the course out of the hills on his own land without my help.  He made the baskets and tee pads by himself.  And he maintains the course while I do... nothing.  So even if the baskets are really bad... they're still better then all those I've never made.  And the guy is willing to let anybody who wants play there. 

In all fairness, though, this is not a course that I will ever go out of my way to play again.  It's in the middle of nowhere (well, maybe a bit east of the middle) on the side of a wet mountain.  The fairways may have been cleared, but that's about all, and they're really not that wide.  If you shank a shot... good luck finding it.  Me?  I like my plastic.  I never opened up on anything.

So... yeah.  I'll give the guy credit for making his own course, but there are a lot better private courses that Grizzly Acres (Dave Heider, Lucky Mud, and Dalaiwood, to name a few).

If you go, you don't have to call first.  "Grizz," though, does ask for a donation, but it's only three dollars.  And, folks, that's not a lot, especially when all that's asked of you is to show up.

Address:  46201 Wildcat Mountain Drive, Sandy, Oregon.