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Played on June 6, 2016.  3 holes & 18 holes.

If you intend to play every disc golf course in Oregon, you'll need to invest in a State Park Day Use PermitWashington only has one state park that has a disc golf course, but Oregon has bunches, and LL Stub is one of them.  There are actually two disc golf courses here.  There's a short three hole course, which is near the amphitheater in the Dairy Creek Camp West (I mean, if you're there anyway, you might as well play it), and there's a much, much longer 18 hole course that begins in the woods just across from the Hilltop Day Use Area.

When playing new disc golf courses, I always try to focus on the positive.  The positive at LL Stub (the 18 hole course... who cares about the three hole course) is that it is a on a great trail that winds through the forest, and it gives you lots of opportunities to improve your cursing.  As well, it's really easy to follow the course.  Just follow the trail.  And if you get off the trail, you could be one of those guys they're looking for on the six o'clock news, and that's always exciting.  Once you start, the only way out is to either backtrack or finish it.  And the course is definitely challenging.  But then, so is not being gang raped in prison. 

This is a "trail" course.  The fairway is the trail... and nothing else.  There are many (probably more so than not) holes where you cannot see the basket from the tee pad.  It's around the corner or over the hill, and often both, and often many – many hills and many curves.  And for whatever reason, often the basket is not close at all.  The distances weren't marked, but we're talking at least 600 feet, if not considerably more.  So what that means is, unless you're playing with a spotter – more than one would be a good idea – there isn't a chance in hell you're going to know where your disc went.

There are some good holes, and some really great opportunities to curse, but the biggest challenge to a disc golf course should not be finding your disc after you've thrown it.  If you were staying in the park anyway, this would be a great addition to your vacation.  But don't make the course your whole vacation.  I mean, I'm just saying....

Directions:  From North Portland, take the St. John's Bridge across the Willamette.  Go right and jump on German Town Road.  Take it to Cornelius Pass Road, and then take that south to 26 West.  After a bit, take Highway 47 North (right) to the park, which will be on your right.