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Played on June 21, 2016.  9 holes.

This nine hole course is part of the Sheltered Nook on Tillamook Bay Bed and Breakfast.  When I was there, they were still doing construction work on the B & B, and that may have been why several of the baskets (all of which have wheels on them) appear to have been moved.  I'm not even certain where some of them were supposed to be.  I'm not sure they are, either.  All told, this course is all but unplayable.  Even in pristine condition, it's a short course where the fairways – apparently (who can tell?) – cross each other, and that's never a good idea.  Aside from the risk of hitting someone, which basket you're supposed to be throwing to is a guess, at best. 

If you drive all the way to the coast just to play this course, you're going to be really disappointed.  Take my word for it.  I've played enough courses to know a bad one when I see it, and this one is really bad.  Go to the beach.  Go to a bar.  Sit in your car and stare at the dashboard.  Anything would be better than playing this course.

Directions:  If you really want to play this course, I'm not going to be complicit in your getting there.