Ahh… Sisyphus


At least Sisyphus

gets more exercise than I do,

pushing the obnoxious rock up the hill,

and he gets regularly scheduled breaks,

what on the trip back down.

There are no surprises,

no demands that he work overtime.

He never has to fill in for a sick co-worker;

no one expects him to push two stones

until McMurty gets back from out of town.

He never has to fake enthusiasm for his boss,

smile at the office party,

or buy presents for the secretaries at Christmas.

And I bet nobody expects him to donate a share of his salary

every year to some pathetic charity,

just so the office can have 100% participation,

and prove that he’s a part of the team.

Quality Management.

World Class Customer Service.

A regular stand-up kinda guy.

He never has to worry that it will get worse.

And he never has to wonder if what he does

will really, truly ever make any difference anywhere in anything.

Of course, he is in hell.

So I guess there is a downside.


 December 2004