Collected Poems:  1973 to 2010

by Michael Soetaert

Blue Unicorn originally published "In the Bathroom" (February 1983). 

Brontë Street originally published "November" (Vol. 2, No. 2, Autumn 1988). 

Image magazine originally published both "Grampa's Funeral" and "The Last Meeting" in the Fall of 1982. 

Midlands originally published "The War of the Worlds" (Spring 1983).

Midwest Arts and Literature originally published "Trade Winds" (Fall 1982) and "The Bell Tower" (Spring 1983).  As well, they published "In Search of a Unicorn" in the Spring of 1983.

PinchPenny originally published "In Search of a Unicorn" (June/July 1982).

Pteranodon magazine also published "Dreaming of Heaven" (Spring 1983). 

Rhino magazine originally published "Dreaming of Heaven" (Fall 1982). 

Road/House magazine originally published "Stink Bait" in December of 1981. 

The Springfield (Missouri) Writers' Guild awarded the poem "Erosion" first place in the miscellaneous category in their Fall 1988 writing contest. 

Suttertown News originally published "Do Good Headhunters Go to Heaven" (March 10-17, 1988). 

Type Magazine published both "Autumn Crows" and "The Crossing" in the Spring 1988 (No. 22) publication. 

U.N.C.L.E.: The Magazine for Those Who Have Given Up original published "Lies and Lullabied (a series of three poems)" in the Summer of 1982.  Those three poems are "The Alligator Under Billy Balinski's Bed," "The Creature," and "The Barbershop."  


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