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Expect Limited Progress

a collection of new comics

by michael soetaert

Copyright (c) 2024, The Holy Grail Press, Portland, Oregon

01 Maze Maps.jpg
02 Two Brains.jpg

Because sometimes two brains are better than one.

03 Stupid Animals.jpg

The short, tragic life of stupid animals.

04 Wildlife.jpg
05 Paradigm.jpg


06 Cartoons.jpg

Bad Grammar Dooms Yet Another Business

07 Almond Milk.jpg

Where Almond Milk Comes From

08 Mouse Trap.jpg
09 Elfie.jpg


10 Sweethearts.jpg
11 Lost Disc 02.jpg
12 Butterflies 02.jpg

"Hold up.  I've got something in my ommatidium."

13 Madame Cleo.jpg

Madame Cleo:  Fortunes Told, Paws Read

14 Life Ribbon.jpg
15 One Carnation.jpg

One Carnation Under Cod

16 Tern.jpg

Leave No Tern Unstoned

17 Swan Dive.jpg
18 Flipping Bird.jpg

Max Flips Cleo the Bird

19 Internet Corn.jpg

Try as he might, Carl could never see what all the excitement was over Internet Corn.

20 Knee-Deep.jpg


21 Rivet.jpg


22 Croak.jpg


24 Flying Cow.jpg

"Oh, I suppose she gives good milk, but ya gotta keep her wings clipped."

23 Best Vomit.jpg

"Doesn't Mom make just the very best vomit?"

25 Frair 2.jpg


27 Tastes Like Human.jpg

"M-m-m-m!  Tastes like human."

26 Chimps Ahoy.jpg

Chimps Ahoy

28 Match Box.jpg

Boxing Match

29 coprophagous simper.jpg

A Coprophagous Simper

30 Hellworthy.jpg

The artist blurs the difference between what is a hellworthy offense, and what is not



Research by HGPs Mandrake Chapman has discovered that vacuum cleaners are trying to take over the world.  "Only they’re not vacuum cleaners at all!  They’re creatures from another dimension.  Vacuumians!" says Mandrake. “Everybody knows that space is a vacuum.  These creatures, these Vacuumians, are sucking away all of our oxygen to turn the earth into a vacuum, just like outer space, just like the outer rings of the Hoover Nebula where they come from.  They want to suck away the very breath that we’re breathing!  They must be stopped!”


According to Mandrake, there is only one sure way to stop them before it’s too late, before the earth goes beyond the suction threshold.  “It’s simple,” states Mandrake.  “Everybody!  We have to stop using vacuum cleaners!  Unplug them!  Unplug them all!  Unplug them now!  They’re helpless without their power source.”

32 All Porpoise.jpg
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