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Bear With Me

a collection of comics

by michael soetaert

Copyright (c) 2022, The Holy Grail Press, Portland, Oregon

01 RatedN.jpg
02 Dumbo Shrimp.jpg
03 Sing for Sex.jpg
04 Indian.jpg
05 Poison.jpg
06 Pew.jpg
07 Not a Bill.jpg

This is Not a Bill

08 Shaded Glenn.jpg

A Shaded Glenn

09 Pitfall.jpg

Bob hadn't realized the old lady was being quite so literal when she warned him of the pitfalls.

10 Occam.jpg

Occam, Without His Razor

11 Writing Lab.jpg

Writing Lab

12 Bum Steer.jpg

Bum Steer

13 Insane Voter.jpg
14 God.jpg

God, with a Haircut and a Shave

15 Bull Sheet.jpg

Bull Sheet

DNA My Way

16 DNA My Way.jpg

I always believed that I was related to George Washington Carver, the famous Black inventor.  And together we shared relatives who lived for centuries deep in the Congo before being sold into slavery.  Motumba!  And then I had my DNA tested.  They said I wasn't related to George Washington Carver at all.  They said I wasn't even Black.  They said my relatives all came from Norway.  Then I found DNA My Way.  With DNA My Way, there are no tests to take or forms to fill out.  With DNA My Way you just tell them where you want to be from and who you want to be related to, and they'll supply the documentation.  With DNA My Way, not only am I related to George Washington Carver, but I'm also related to Sitting Bull.  And Ghandi!  DNA My Way:  Because nobody really cares.

17 Mole Hill.jpg

After a lifetime of work, Martin had succeeded in making a mountain into a molehill.

18 High Five.jpg

High Five

19 Bear With Me.jpg

Bear With Me

20 First Church.jpg
21 Toby.jpg

At that moment, Toby realized that there was something profoundly wrong in a Universe where the same person who created German Shepherds had also created hairless toy Chihuahuas.

22 New Manage.jpg
23 Nutflix.jpg
24 Litigation.jpg
25 Can of Worms.jpg

A Whole New Can of Worms

26 Employee of Year.jpg
27 Be One of Us.jpg

"Be One of Us.  Be One of Us."

28 Still No Zombies.jpg

Another Day, Still No Zombies

29 Vicious Circle.jpg

"So I decided that if I couldn't be perfect, then I'd be vicious."

30 Not Wasting Money.jpg
31 Pollution.jpg

"That joint's so polluted that even the pollution's polluted."

32 Bah Humbug.jpg
33 Hell.jpg
34 Emperor's Clothes.jpg

The Emperor shows his appreciation for being told he was naked.

35 Ho! Ho! Ho!.jpg

Ho! Ho! Ho!

36 Turkeys.jpg

"Seriously.  Do you think it makes a difference which one we choose?"

37 Bear to Cross.jpg

Carl knew there was no getting around it.  This was his bear to cross.

38 Again and Again.jpg
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