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The Answer to Everything

another collection of comics

by michael soetaert

Copyright (c) 2023, The Holy Grail Press, Portland, Oregon

02 Historical Marker.jpg
03 Psychotic.jpg
04 Rosemary's Baby.jpg

Rosemary, and Rosemary's Baby

05 Redneck PPE.jpg

Redneck PPE

06 Pissed Flower.jpg

"Oh, great!  Plant me in the sun.  The tag said, 'Shade'!  Shade!  Don't you nimrods know how to read?"

07 Latte Bird.jpg

The Late Bird Gets the Latte

08 Customer Service.jpg

"We are experiencing longer than usual wait times..."

09 Answer.jpg

The Answer to Everything

10 Condom Mint.jpg

Condom Mint

11 Canaries.jpg

"Remember, when they drop dead, we get the hell out of here."

12 Toiletry.jpg


13 Sub Woofer.jpg

Sub Woofer

14 Depressed Bird.jpg

"I don't know.  I mean, after the first few seasons...well...not hooking up.  I don't know.  It wasn't for not trying.  You know how it goes.  You know, maybe mating's not for everyone.  I mean, I don't have to mate, do I?  Like anybody's going to care if I don't...  I mean...  I don't know.  It's OK... isn't it?"

15 Be Careful.jpg

Be Careful What You Wish For

16 High Noon.jpg

Before there was 4:20, there was High Noon

17 Cleo's Xmas.jpg
18 How Ya Doin.jpg

"How ya doin'?"

19 Chimp Monk.jpg

Chimp Monk

20 You Work.jpg
21 Nuns N Hoses.jpg
22 Noah's Ducks.jpg

"The point of it?!  There is no bloody point of it!  That's what I've been telling you all along."

23 Drive By.jpg

A Drive By Hooting

24 Proper Thing.jpg

Had the other rider been passing to his right, then it would have been proper to have offered him a greeting.

25 No Dead Dogs.jpg

"That's right, Sparky, none of the dead are believed to be dogs."

26 You First.jpg

"No.  You hang up first."

27 Grid Lions.jpg

Grid Your Lions

28 Faux.jpg

The Faux (Furicii spurius) once ranged over most of northern North America, Europe, and Southern Asia.  Prized for its fur and hide (commonly called “pleather”), the Faux has been hunted to near extinction, and in many areas now only exists in captivity.  Strict environmental protection, as well as a decrease in demand, have allowed the Faux to be re-introduced in many areas with limited success.  It is hoped that one day the Faux will once again be a common site throughout most of its former territory.

29 Your Ad Here.jpg
30 Mantis Sex.jpg

“Let me get this straight.  After we have sex, you’re going to eat me... but we are having sex...?”

31 Veggie Heaven.jpg

Bob no longer felt quite so sanctimonious about being a vegetarian.

32 Carrion Luggage.jpg

Carrion Luggage

33 No Miners.jpg
34 Pigeons.jpg

A Depraved Indifference of Pigeons

35 Turtle Soup.jpg

Tuttle didn’t so much mind being made into soup.  What he hated the most was the mocking.

36Lost Birds.jpg

“'Amazing Navigational Skills' my ass!  Admit it.  We’re lost.”

37 Pan Death.jpg

Putting the “Panic” back in Pandemic

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