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Once again Papa Pizza embarks upon another adventure.


One day while Papa was driving to the store a little bird flew in front of the car. 

Papa couldn’t stop, and he hit him!


The poor little bird just laid there on the street.  Maybe he was hurt.


Papa rushed him to the vet’s office where the vet fixed him. 

The vet then gave Papa instructions so the bird would get well.


It was sort of strange how Papa’s heart went for the little bird.


Papa let him sleep in his bed.


He stayed up till late at night to look after him.

Papa even took two weeks off from work so he could help the bird get better. 

Papa figured the bird ought to have a name, so he called him “Semor.”

Semor was a strange bird.  Instead of eating seeds like most birds, he ate table scraps.

Since Semor had such a big appetite, Papa let him eat before they did.


It really got bad around the house.  Instead of talking about what went on at work or about the cute things the kids did, all Papa ever talked about was Semor.

Then one day, when Mama couldn’t stand it anymore, she taught Semor how to talk.  When Papa got home Semor greeted him at the door and showed him what Mama had taught him...


See ya around, Semor.  All was well once again with the Pizza family.

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